Henny Hoekstra
Henny HoekstraPluvo E-learning
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Kimberley is alles wat je van een freelance schrijver mag verwachten én meer!Naast dat ze fijne teksten schrijft, welke altijd deskundig zijn door haar expertise op het gebied van leren, loopt de communicatie soepel, is ze pro-actief en accuraat. En dat met het tijdverschil dat tussen Canada en Nederland zit. Ik hoop op een langdurige samenwerking en dat ze nog veel mooie teksten voor Pluvo mag schrijven.
Ryan Payne
Ryan PayneConcordia University of Edmonton
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It is a pleasure to recommend Kimberley from our time together at Concordia University. She had an amazing drive to improve the quality of access while reducing the stress students experienced. I personally appreciated her focus to find efficiencies in the process of exam writing. I can't wait to hear what future amazing things she accomplishes.
Erik Hof
Erik HofNCOI
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Kimberley held the position of Educational Manager.In this role, she was responsible for one accredited HBO Bachelor and several sub-programs. Her work consisted mainly of: • the development of education; • managing professionals; • acting as a resource for colleagues, students and external stakeholders; • providing information to colleagues and potential students; • participate in various subject-specific - and training transcending projects; • providing and maintaining accurate, timely and complete records. I have come to know Kimberley as a professional that works very accurate and has very good communication skills. She has an open attitude, is inquisitive, she is well prepared and focused and shows a high level of commitment to the job. Kimberley can function well independently, within set frameworks, and excels in a dynamic work environment. She sets high standards for herself and the work she delivers, but maintains the right balance between speed and quality.
Christa van der Born
Christa van der BornDe Schavuiten
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Kimberley has excellent analytical abilities which enable her to get to the heart of matter quickly. In addition, she is calm and responsive towards parents and children and therefore well-liked. She is also able to empathize with a child’s way of thinking and often has interesting an creative ideas that children find enjoyable and challenging to do.Kimberley helped De Schavuiten to rewrite their educational policy for the whole organization and has fine-tuned it so that it can be used to devise practical plans for the individual groups.